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RETIN A MICRO: Johnson & Johnson owned the Retin-A Micro brand and was marketing it through their Ortho Derm Division. Ortho Derm wanted world class advertising that teens could call their own. And so the "Your Face" campaign was created. Shortly thereafter, J & J moved the brand to their Nuetrogena Division. In order to fit within the Neutrogena brand new creative needed to be done, but they still wanted it to be a teen brand. Just 10 months later J & J created the Ortho Neutrogena division and wanted new creative that matched their new brand, a cross between traditional pharma and high fashion cosmetics.


BREATHRx: Developed by celebrity dentist Bill Dorfman BreathRx is a brand for the "breath obsessed"


APTHASOL; No one thinks to ask their dentist for help when it comes to canker sores. But for many, canker sores, can be a reoccurring nightmare- even for a beauty queen.

Brian D Mercer

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